Alternative ways to remove a tattoo

Many people regret something they have done in the past. Some are trivial while others are more serious. In some cases, it is merely embarrassing. Tattoos are a good example of the last. Many people have the name or even face of their significant other permanently etched into their skin as a romantic gesture, only to eventually separate. Some tattoos are so bad they really need to go away. Tattoo removal is not easy, however, and it can be expensive unless you have a voucher. The safest and most effective way to remove tattoos is through lasers, but there are other methods out there.

Salt it off

Salabrasion literally means scraping away with salt. It involves using ordinary table salt to rub away at the tattoo a skin layer at a time. The problem is tattoo ink goes several layers deep, so it takes time and it is quite painful, and you run the risk of infection. It also leaves a scar behind. It can work for very small tattoos if you like rubbing salt into the wound.

Cream it out

Tattoo removal creams are another way to make a tattoo less noticeable by peeling of some skin layers. They usually contain Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), which is the main ingredient in some chemical peels. However, it will only fade the tattoo, and not remove it completely. It can also cause a severe reaction in some people, so it would be best to test it on a small portion of the skin first before slathering it on your tattoo.

Natural remedies

Some people use lemon and salt in combination, but it is basically just a more painful form of salabrasion. Honey in combination with yoghurt, Aloe Vera juice, and of course, salt is a good poultice to use for fading tattoos naturally, and it is safer because you don’t need to rub it into your skin until it bleeds. You simply leave it on for half an hour and rinse it off. It takes longer, and you only fade the tattoo out, but at least it isn’t painful and it will not scar.

Faded out tattoos are less noticeable, and in some cases that is enough. If you really want it out safely, however, laser is your best bet.