Are reviews important when choosing a Toronto moving company?

Reviews have become part of our lives in a way that makes it impossible to remember how the world was before them. Luckily, every piece of online information out there is a few clicks away from us at any time. If you need to find a Toronto moving company to hire for your next move, reading reviews should be on your to-do list. Even if someone you know and trust shared their opinion on the movers they recently hired, there is always a chance to find someone more suitable for you. There are plenty of websites with integrated review platforms that you can choose from. Or you can just take a look at all of them. All reputable moving companies in Toronto Canada have reviews, sometimes even thousands that will help you get an idea. The more you read, the more you will know what to expect. Here are our thoughts on why reviews are very important when choosing a Toronto moving company.

Before we proceed to the reasons, we would like to take a moment to enlist the main websites Canadians use for reviews. Yelp, Home stars, Yellow Pages, and even Facebook are great when it comes to posting and reading reviews. Not to mention the almighty Google, where all the information you need in life is gathered and displayed properly. All of them have features that allow customers to leave ratings. This way, even if you don’t have enough patience to read, you will be able to check the ratings and the average scores.

What Susie says about Sally…

…is more important than what Sally says about herself. So if you check the website of any top moving companies In Toronto, you will find a few reviews there. The thing is those are the reviews the company chose to showcase, out of all the existing reviews. Of course, since it is their own website, they will just sample the best of the best. But those reviews might not be that relevant nor help you see the bigger picture. This is why you should always go to one of the websites enlisted in the previous paragraph. Those are way more reliable from this point of view. Besides, instead of having access to only three or four reviews, you have access to hundreds, sometimes even thousands. The average score of the company, which you get to see before checking the reviews of the moving companies in Toronto, is already enough to give you a brief idea. Also, you can find out about the procedures, attitudes, and professionalism of any moving company in Toronto by reading their reviews. Customers sometimes take the time to describe everything in detail, in order for others to know what to expect if they hire a certain moving company.

Hundreds of opinions in one place

As we mentioned before, reviews are basically the opinions of hundreds and thousands of people in one place. This makes them more reliable than the opinion of that friend of yours who recently hired Toronto movers to help her relocate. In other words, we choose quantity over quality, no matter how bad this sounds. And allow us to explain why. Maybe your friend just got lucky and was assigned a very good crew of movers from a moving company in Toronto that is otherwise not that attentive nor that professional. And when you hire the same moving company and your experience is a lot different, you will be disappointed. It can also go the other way around. Maybe your friend had a really bad experience, but the moving company is otherwise very professional and the movers just had a bad day. You never know. But when a few hundreds of people confirm, through reviews, that a moving company in Toronto is highly professional, you can go for that.

Once posted, it stays forever

One of the things that we appreciate the most about reviews is that they cannot be deleted. This applies to the most reputable platforms out there. So if, say, a customer complains about their movers and leaves a really bad review, the Toronto moving company will not be able to delete the review. The maximum they can do is to edit them, but you will still be able to see that there was an edit there. We find this absolutely amazing, because it really helps differentiate the best movers in Toronto by review. This is not 1984, where all the information one doesn’t like is vanished. We are in 2021 and people should really take responsibility for their actions. And luckily, they do. If a Toronto moving company has a huge percentage of negative reviews, customers will see that and avoid the company. And if they don’t and instead hire them, it’s really on them from that point.

At Let’s Get Moving, customers are the most important to us. We are happy that our moving services are highly appreciated. If you go through our reviews, you will see hundreds of happy customers who describe their experiences with Let’s Get Moving in high detail. It doesn’t really matter which platform you go to for checking the reviews – all of them are packed with nice words about us and our amazing crews. And if you like what you see, get in touch with us to find out more about our work. Call us today and get your free cost estimate!