NJ Ayuk Understands the Importance of Energy in Africa 

NJ Ayuk is an individual who started his career working for the United Nations and being mentored by civil rights activist Dr. Ronald Walters. He wanted to make a difference in his home country of Africa and see the continent thrive. As such, he went to law school in America. He came back to Africa with his new law degree looking for an area where he could do the most good for his country. While it may be hard to believe, after spending a lot of time looking around his country and keeping his eyes opened, he realized that he could do a lot of good in the country working as an energy lawyer.

When NJ Ayuk attended law school in America, it was drilled into his head that big oil companies and large energy companies were bad. However, Mr. Ayuk, who currently serves as the chairman for the African Energy Chamber and the CEO and founder of Centurion Law Group, an international firm, he found that many problems in Africa were somehow tied back to energy. If he wanted to improve the country as a whole and improve the lives of Africans, he would need to tackle the energy situation that was playing out in front of his very eyes. This is essentially where his work started and how he rose to become an energy lawyer.

NJ Ayuk learned that in Africa, there are over 600 million people without access to reliable electricity and there are over 900 million people without access to cooking technologies. This affects these individuals’ lives, and their ability to live a clean, sanitary and healthy life. He wanted to take this information and advocate for these individuals while in a room with some of the largest energy companies and oil providers in Africa. NJ Ayuk also advocates for these disadvantaged individuals to politicians. He strongly feels that if there were a way to provide these individuals with the energy they need, you could greatly improve their lives, while also helping with generational change in Africa.

NJ Ayuk has stated that he receives a ton of hate mail everyday. Many people ask him how he could be working with large organizations that have a bad reputation, including oil companies and energy companies. However, he feels that he uses his position as an energy lawyer for good, and helps to advocate for change for those who do not have access to power. While NJ Ayuk does not agree with everything that oil companies and power companies do, he does believe that if he works hand-in-hand with these companies, he can help lead the way for change in Africa, and help improve the lives of many disadvantaged Africans.