Preparation of the Rhodiola Tea

The roots are the medicinal parts of the plant. Once the root becomes dry we can steep the roots in hot water of which the temperature should not be more than 85 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature. This is so because the plant may lose its medicinal effect when it is exposed to hot water. This tea should be steeped for some time. That is for almost 4 hours of time. This makes the components that are active to get leaked into the water .Since the time period is more for this method there are other alternatives available. Tinctures and liquid extracts are available conveniently. If we are using the liquid tinctures then we can pour some drops into the green tea or the chamomile that we have. Also many forms of this supplement are available as the powder and capsules. Dried form of the plant extract is also available in the market so that the preparation of the tea becomes easier.

Benefits of Using Rhodiola Tea

Reported health benefits by the clinical and research studies

  • Rhodiola Rosae has helped to improve the sexual problems in men. This has improved the problems like erectile dysfunction.
  • Hearing ability of a person gets increased due to the supplement.
  • Also the blood sugar level gets regulated and also protects the liver from the toxins in the environment.
  • This helps in the reduction of the body weight. This is possible by activating the fat burning system of the body and also makes the lipids move from the adipose tissues to the system that does the natural fat burning. This may improve in the weight reduction.
  • The thyroid function of the body gets increased thereby preventing the body from hyperthyroidism.
  • The Thymus gland function of the body gets enhanced.
  • This also prevents from aging thereby slowing down the involution that may occur due the aging.
  • This prevents from causing hypertrophy and also maintains the reserves of the adrenal gland.
  • The prostatic fluid gets normalized.
  • Rodiola helps in preventing the cancer. This is possible by increasing the body resistance to the toxins that may cause damage to the DNA.
  • The supplement helps in the prevention of many cardiac problems that may cause due to the stress that have caused the body. The stress may cause the body with the increase in the pressure, cholesterol, potassium and thereby increases the risk for causing heart problems.

Rhodiola reduces the lactate level of the blood and also decreases the blood pressure level of the body. For achieving a high performance in the sports this has enhanced the strength of the muscles and also improved the recovery capacity of the individual. This has improved the co-ordination among the members also. The stamina gets increased in a higher level and also the oxygen utilisation capacity. This increases the recovery that had happened due to any kind of the physical exertion.

Considering all the benefits and features Rhodiola has gained a wide popularity today.