Rags to Riches: Indian Cricketers

People love seeing heroes rising from the dust, not people who were given everything and achieved greatness. People relate to the ones who were born just like them and faced the same struggles and gives them hope that they too can do it. These are the type of people who children look up to. A phoenix rising from the dust- that is what people love to see. The ones who had everything from day one achieved something with their effort and a bit of help and they’re great too but nothing burns your heart like someone like you who is standing on the grand stage and has put their everything on the line simply to get there.

Even in cricket, there have been countless cases of everyday people like the one reading this who have achieved greatness simply by working hard. Working hard every day just to see the light of the next day. The hunger to just keep pressing forward despite adversity is admirable. Cricket has had countless gems and they have rocked the world of cricket ever since they have left legacies and their mark on the world of cricket. Some people came from unknown places and have made their places popular or have put them back on the map, just one name is enough for anyone to recognize it. 

Their light continues to shine bright and helps light the path of millions in the current world. It is the desire of many that they become great but only a select few can do it and reach the biggest stage. It takes dedication, devotion, and discipline to reach such stages, and very few are willing to do it.

Let’s have a look at some of the Indian gems that have taken flight from places that people haven’t even heard of. They got a lot of attention in the latest news of cricket in IndiaLet’s have a look at the list- 

  • Ravindra Jadeja – Popularly known as Jaddu, this player is one of the most prominent fielders in the Indian cricket team. His father was a watchman in a private company and his hard work and dedication got him into Rajasthan Royals in IPL, since then he has only become even better, making it to the Indian team, and then when he joined the Chennai Super Kings, he had found the place which would have him for the longest time.
  • Mohammad Siraj – One of the main pillars of pace in Indian cricket and this man who came from Hyderabad is doing what only few can boast of. His father was an auto-rickshaw driver and Siraj did everything he could to change it. His fortunes change after being selected to play for SRH in IPL.
  • T. Natarajan – His first season in IPL could only say one thing about him- he was a force to be reckoned with. Getting AB De Villiers out when was on a rampage is not a small feat. He was a daily wage earner and this drastic shift made his life better.
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal – At a point, he used to sell pani-puris to earn a living while playing cricket at the same time and this paid off when he was signed by Rajasthan Royals for 2.4 crores in the IPL. He has come a long way since and will only keep getting better since he is quite young.
  • Sarfaraz Khan – This explosive batsman was picked up by RCB in the IPL edition of 2015 for 50 lakhs. Someone who used to sell track pants with his father only has more miles to go. He was bought by Kings XI Punjab later on.
  • Rinku Singh – In one of his most famous matches, he almost helped Kolkata Knight Riders win but they lost by a hair’s breadth. Even though it was a loss, it made him a sensation and he can only get better from here on. He would have become a sweeper if it weren’t for cricket.
  • Rishabh Pant – One of India’s main attackers, this man doesn’t hesitate from attacking bowlers of any caliber and always attempts to score a boundary. This aggressiveness is his main strength, at a point when Rishabh came to Delhi, he and his mother had to sleep in Gurudwaras. 
  • MS Dhoni – There isn’t a single person who watches cricket and does not know this legend. He used to be a ticket collector in the Indian Railways and went ahead to play for India. This legend is loved by fans all over the world and his skills are well known. Bowling to this man in the final overs is something that very few can deal with.
  • Zaheer Khan – One of the main spears of Indian pace in the previous era of cricket. This legend is famous in Indian cricket history. He used to sleep in hospital rooms and rarely used to play matches with a stomach with food.
  • Umesh Yadav – This player is well-known throughout the world and especially in the IPL. Born to a coal mine worker, he worked hard on his skills in cricket to get out of that hell hole. His matches were a treat for spectators.
  • Yusuf and Irfan Pathan – This player used to live in a local mosque as his family did not have a house initially. Only after some time did they get a house, however, it was still a small house for a family of five. This player has made a mark as he is one of the most iconic players in his era. 
  • Hardik Pandya – Another cricketing great, this man used to play in local tournaments just to earn some extra cash for his family. His journey is a great example of never giving up until you win.

There are a ton of success stories but only a few with such stories. People keep looking up to them and there will be many more such stories to come up.  

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