Self-Catered Weddings Made Easy

Throwing a 65-person feast can be tricky. Doing so multiple meals in a row? It can seem like an impossible task, but it really is attainable. The trick to making any task seem less monumental is to break it down into smaller tasks. What do you really need to do to pull this off successfully? Drinks: Every successful wedding is backed by a great open bar. Sure, you can impose a drink limit or start charging after a set number of drinks, but where is the phone in that? Your guests will come away with a sour taste in their mouth, or worse, sit through the entire evening with a foul expression on their face. To ensure everyone is having a good time, keep the drinks flowing. Food: To pull this off, you are going to need to stock up early on. Rather than spend days and weeks ferrying goods back and forth from grocery stores to your event location or home, just order a delivery service. For the same price, you can get some great food delivered to you before the event even starts. Then, as the event approaches and you are trying to keep it all together, you can rest assured knowing the food is on its way. Staff: Self-catered doesn’t mean it is a one-person show. You can definitely get some outside help to help you pull this off. You do not want to attempt to self-cater multiple meals for 65 people alone, trust me on this one. Get one to three reasonably experienced staff, or inexperienced if you are great at training folks rapidly, and you will be set up for success. Lastly, Attitude: Be sure to carry a smile with you throughout the event. More than that, take the time to enjoy it yourself. After all, this event is about love. If you are enjoying the day, that is all that matters.