Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring Online?

These days, it seems like everybody is doing a huge amount of his or her shopping online. People buy their books and movies online and they buy their clothes and shoes online. Some people even buy their groceries online. They love the different options, the ease of shopping, and the wide competition they see on the Internet. If you do not like what a certain company is selling, you can click over to a different site to find some other options. Conversely, you can find the same product at a different price. If you want to do that with brick and mortar stores, you might spend all day driving to and fro in the city, if you can even find what you are looking for. That is why people are looking online for what they need. However, so many people are still going to traditional brick and mortar jewellers for their engagement rings. Tradition leads people to this outdated way of shopping. Buying engagement rings online is the path of the twenty-first century. Here is why:

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Lower Overhead Means Lower Prices

Traditional brick and mortar stores are saddled with very high overhead. They have to pay their employees, pay property taxes on their buildings, pay power bills, heating, and cooling. All of this money has to be recouped somehow. Additionally, those added expenses translate into higher costs for diamond rings. When you order your diamond engagement rings online, you will pay lower prices because you are not paying overhead expenses.

Due to some quirks of national and international regulations, the value-added tax does not always apply to online sales. Depending on the retailer, many of them offer some kind of value-added tax “holiday” which frees the buyer from having to pay the VAT. This can be a serious amount of savings just in time for your wedding or holiday.

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In addition to lower prices, you will have a much bigger selection of jewellery.

More Suppliers Means More Selection

A brick and mortar store is usually restricted to the jewellery they have in stock. In many cases, they can order some more from their supplier; however, they usually have contracts with only one or two suppliers, so your supply will still be limited to what certain jewellers have in stock.

With an online retailer, they are not restricted to their inventory size or only a few contracts. Online retailers can aggregate supply from many different companies, so that you will have a selection equivalent to dozens of stores worth of jewellery.

Suppliers Means More Selection

Online Means More Convenient

When you buy your jewellery online, you do not have to go anyone or talk to anyone. You just have to log onto your computer and pull up a website. The ease of searching through several different websites and retailers is one of the main reasons people choose to buy their rings online.

Another reason they choose to do this is because of features that allow them to see many different kinds of rings, so they can imagine what the ring they buy might look like.

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When you go searching for an engagement ring, be sure to search online.