The Advances of Digital Filmmaking

Technology has been advancing at an alarming rate in the twenty-first century. These days, there are more ways to create a compelling video than ever before. This has led to a proliferation of many different kinds of businesses that utilise digital filmmaking and photography. Wedding videography and photography is one of the most common uses for this new kind of filmmaking, but it’s not the only kind. Videos have become increasingly common in use by advertising experts. The days of utilising solely radio and television ads is gone. Now, the most common way to reach customers is through social media. However, customers and potential customers have become ever more averse to advertising. On the internet, customers tend to use ad blockers to prevent advertisements from even showing up. On television, they use DVR to record and fast-forward through commercials. Reaching customers has become more difficult than ever before. One of the best ways to reach customers is through social media, but the amount of information available has made it such that customers have very short attention spans. If you don’t grab their attention instantly, they will be unlikely to watch your video. Here is how to grab their attention right away.

The Music

The music involved in your online advertising videos is very important. Choosing the right backing tracks might be exactly what you need to excite your customers. If your customers have their volume on their computers or phones turned on, the music involved can capture them right away. However, if you’re not a musician yourself or if you don’t have time to write your own music, it can be difficult to find the right music to use. You might turn to stock music, but you should be wary of it.

Most stock music is made to be as uninteresting as possible so that it appeals to as many different kinds of people as possible. Though it might be universally applicable, it is woefully uninteresting. The best tracks are those that are created by music professionals for a specific purpose.

The Best Tracks

The best tracks come in two different varieties: custom and stock. While you should be sceptical of stock music, if you’re in a hurry, it is possible to find great stock music online. You should make sure that you hire music from reputable suppliers who are music professionals with a history of providing great tracks. The best way to know if the music will suit your needs is to actually listen to it. It should be available to listen to before you buy it, and it should be delivered in the highest quality format. That will give you the best sound quality. If you have specific music needs or if you have time on your hands, you should order custom tracks for your commercial. You will get to work with professional musicians who specialise in creating music. That’s the kind of thing that professional marketing studios are able to do. In the twenty-first century, you have to compete with those agencies, so it’s best if you can also avail yourself of many of the different techniques that they use. Technology has been a disruptive force that has given you the power to compete in a global market.