What Makes Trenbolone Acetate Not Good for Human Consumption

Trenbolone Acetate could be best describes as a version of the drug Trenbolone. Trenbolone was primarily approved as a veterinary medication. It was used for cattle to overcome weight loss during shipping. The major purpose of this anabolic steroid was to add lean muscle mass for cattle prior to shipping them to slaughter. Presently, bodybuilders have been making use of Trenbolone Acetate cycles for bulk and cutting. Various Trenbolone based steroids have been made available in the market. A Tri Trenbolone option has also been made available that would be inclusive of three different kinds of Trenbolone in it. Various esters would be inclusive of Enanthate and Hexahydrobenzylcaronate.

Trenbolone Acetate Cycle

The major difference between the three esters has been the shorter half-life of Trenbolone. The half-life of Trenbolone Acetate has been around 48-72 hours depending on how your body deals with the steroid. Also known as Parabolan, it has a half-life of around fourteen days, whereas Trenbolone Enanthate has a half-life of approximately seven to ten days. This implies that Trenbolone Acetate cycle would consist of consuming the steroid every other day as compared to every week for Parabolan and Trenbolone Enanthate.

Trenbolone Acetate has been known to go along well with Winstrol during a cutting cycle. The standard dose of Trenbolone Acetate has been mostly around 400mg per week. It would be taken as 5-200mg every other day. The cycle duration has been approximately eight to twelve weeks for bodybuilders who have been new to Trenbolone. However, for more advanced bodybuilders, it could be added up to 14 weeks.

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone has been a chemical modification of Nandrolone. It is a naturally occurring hormone made in the human body. Trenbolone has been possibly the most powerful anabolic steroid made available today and extensively sought by athletes around the world. Performance competitors looking for enhanced endurance, hard sleek mass of toned muscle and improved muscle repair after injury used Trenbolone in both their cutting and bulking cycles.

Trenbolone Cycle

Regardless the dosage, the total duration of usage should be around eight weeks. Dosages could be stretched out to 12 weeks, but eight has been ideally more tolerable for the human body. It would be better to have some experience with the hormone along with utilizing it for very specific purposes such as a competition. As it is not considered safe for human consumption, post cycle therapy would be highly recommended.

For off-season, Trenbolone would stack efficiently with Testosterone, Anadrol and Dianabol. Few athletes prefer Trenbolone cycle of tablets or pills at 150 to 300mg each week. Trenbolone has been a versatile compound that could be stacked with anything including Anavar, Winstrol or testosterone. It would not be wrong to state that Trenbolone Acetate has a half-life of roughly two days.