Why Everyone Should Be Using a Concierge Service for a Ski Holiday

Winter is right around the corner here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the mountains are already covered in white, powdery snow. If you are like many singles, couples, and families who are planning their ski holiday, you are likely weighing your options in terms of where to stay, which mountains to explore by ski, snowboard, or snowshoe, and what type of accommodation will best fit your needs. Regardless of whether you choose to stay in a hotel or a luxury chalet, one benefit which you should be looking for through your travel company of choice is whether or not they offer a free concierge service.

Ski Holiday

What Is a Concierge Service?

A concierge service will make sure that your every need is taken care of by an expert. A concierge service allows you to make the most of out of your time, and they will make insightful and knowledgeable suggestions regarding:

  • Where to stay
  • What to see
  • Which airline to take (and when)

Concierge Service

Depending on the level of service the concierge agency offers, they may go above and beyond simply booking your hotel and transit for you. They can arrange your entire holiday, from booking flights and transportation to the airport and sourcing tickets to concerts and other VIP events, to sending flowers to a loved one while you are away.

Who Should Use a Concierge Service?

Concierge services were initially offered so that those who lead busy lives would be able to have every detail of their trip taken care of for them and the rest of their party. But concierge services are no longer just for people who may be too busy to plan a trip away. Almost anyone can benefit from the knowledge and expertise these services have to offer. Those who benefit the most from these services include:

Concierge Service1

  • Individuals who may not be the best in keeping travel plans organised
  • Individuals who want to take advantage of the best services, dining opportunities, and entertainment while in a new foreign location
  • Individuals who want access to exclusive events

How Much Does a Concierge Service Cost?

Many companies will charge a fee for their services, which can range anywhere from £50 or more per hour spent planning your trip for you. Some of the top rated travel companies, however, offer this service free of charge to their clients. For example, Oxford Ski offer a free concierge service that includes all of the services you would expect from a paid concierge service.

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Why Should I Use a Concierge Service?

When you work with a concierge service, you will likely be provided with your very own personal concierge, who will be the only individual you will need to deal with. Your personal concierge will learn about what you like and what you hate, and will be able to deliver exactly what you want and need while also making educated suggestions.

Apart from having a lifestyle manager working alongside you and making sure that every detail of your trip is taken care of, there are a number of other benefits that come with using this service.

Use a Concierge Service

Working As Your Personal Guide

Have a special event coming up that you would like to celebrate on your ski holiday? Interested in attending an event and are not sure where to buy tickets? Rather than spend hours scouring the Internet or paging through guidebooks, your personal concierge will know exactly what you need and where you should go so that you can make the most out of your trip.

Your Personal Guide

Saving You Time

Some travellers love the thrill of researching and planning their ski holiday, but others do not have the time or the desire to do so. By leaving your travel plans in the trusted hands of a personal concierge, you are freeing up your time to focus on what matters the most – spending time with friends and loved ones.

Saving You Time

Accessing Insider Knowledge

The Internet or your trusted guidebook may tell you one thing, but your personal concierge will be able to make intuitive suggestions based on what you tell them you want and need from your holiday. For example, your guidebook may list one ski hotel as being the best in the area. But depending on your specific wants and needs, that hotel may end up being a disappointment.

Your concierge will take the time to ask you questions that will impact where you should stay, such as:

  • Which mountain or mountains do you plan on spending time on?
  • Do you want to be located closer to the mountain or to the village?
  • How long do you want to spend commuting to the mountain of your choice?
  • Do you plan on dining on-site, in town, or would you prefer a personal in-chalet chef?

Accessing Insider Knowledge

Based on your answers to questions such as those above, your concierge will be able to provide you with a list of accommodations, dining opportunities, bars, clubs and more for you to explore.

A Helping Hand At Home

No matter what services you may need in your hotel room or your luxury chalet, a concierge agency will be able to find the help you need. Some of the services they will be able to help you with include:

  • Hiring a reputable and trustworthy nanny
  • Finding a chef who will prepare delicious meals
  • Locating a driver or a maid

hotel room or your luxury chalet

Taking Advantage of Special Privileges

The best concierge providers will strive to provide their clients with exclusive privileges and benefits that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to them. Quite often the concierge service will be able to provide you with free upgrades, complimentary benefits such as free wine or time at the spa, priority reservations at restaurants, and free tickets to the most popular events in town. Individuals who use a concierge service have often said that they feel like ‘rock stars’ thanks to the VIP treatment they received through their agency.