Why moms would always be a hero to us?

Some anti-feminist or Masculinist people posted on Facebook that 19th November is the day of International Men’s Day and still not a single one was aware of that nor did Google made any special doodle to dedicate to all men of the world. Now, this made me think about its reason. Is it that a man is not so important to be glorified just the way a woman is? May be the very fact that a man is also carried in a woman’s womb is the sole reason behind celebrating womanhood in a grand manner. For centuries, men have somewhat presided over women and so when we are getting some wide attention, they should not complain. My advice to these people to celebrate their day is to go back home and thank their mom for nurturing them. Because a mom is always a hero to all of us who has a solution to all our problems.

Why a mom is, was, and would always remain a hero to us is discussed below:

  • You must have tried to copy her recipe be it chicken or cake but every time you feel something is missing although you have put everything as per guidelines. Do you know what is missing? I guess it is the extra coating of love that a mom puts over her chicken and cakes that gives an unforgettable taste. When she is away from you and you can’t make her a birthday cake, get her some lavish cakes as online gift ideas for mother.
  • When you don’t want to learn to ride a kids bicycle, she must have forced you to do so. You were afraid of this vehicle because of the fear of falling down and getting hurt. But she promised to help you get up every time you fall and then apply medicine over the wounded area. This is how she made us learn that life is all about falling down and then getting up.
  • Even after managing the whole home all through the day, she would wake with you all the night if it is your exam time. To give you cups of coffee or to help you in revision, she is always ready to beside you. And you won’t find her sleeping till late in the morning because she is really a super-woman.
  • She always manages time for you, no matter where she is and what she has done all the day long. My mom had to manage her official work apart from taking care of the home but whenever I used to be back from school or college, she greeted me with a warm hug and listened to all my stories. Today when I am a working woman, I think of her even more and get inspired for having the caliber to manage her time so well.

The deed of a mom is a never ending one and one blog is just not enough to narrate about her heroism. Just say a big thanks to her with some nice gifts for mother for bringing you to this world and making you who you are today.